Become a Testing Center

Becoming a testing center for provides a significant savings for centers that need to certify their own employees. Add the convenience of testing employees at your own location and avoiding possible long commutes for testing only add to the value of becoming a testing center.

The Requirements are simple

To become a testing center you must:

  • Have a fax machine onsite
  • Be available to administer tests at least two days each week, during your regular business hours
  • Meet our site requirements for accessibility and accomodations will notify you in advance that a test taker is scheduled to visit your site at a specific date and time. You will never be caught off guard, or expected to manage to manage an excessive number of test takers all at once.

Your staff will be asked to:

  • confirm the identity of the testtaker
  • give brief instrutions on how to take the test
  • monitor the testing area to prevent cheating
  • collect the completed tests and mail them to
  • retain a copy of the test until we instruct you to destroy it
Click here to apply to become a testing center